Diversify Your Anchor Text – Our SEO Series

anchor textIf you know anything about search engine optimization for SEO for short, you also have to know about anchor text. Knowing about anchor text is vital to the Google algorithm. It is also vital to not only being ranked by search engines, but it’s vital that you know about it to avoid being penalized by search engines.

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is is essentially the words that are attached to your hyperlink. For example if your website is about baby jogging strollers, and your anchor text is Callie’s list with Callie’s list being the text that is clickable along with your hyperlink to the site, Callie’s list would be your anchor text.

What are the different types of anchor text?

Anchor text essentially falls into the following categories generic, exact match, naked URL, and brand. An example of a url anchor text for Callie’s list would be: www.thebestjoggingstroller.com. An example of an exact match, would be “the best jogging stroller.” Hopefully that clarifies it for you.

If you send out too many links that are your exact match keyword anchor text, Google likely penalize you and reduce your rankings in the search engine results or even worse deindex your site. Please avoid doing this.

Great Ways to Come up with Blog Post Ideas

You don’t need a masters in English or even to be a great writer to write a good blog post and have a great overall blog. However, even the best of us writers get writers block on occasion and it can become difficult to come up with the new and fresh blog content. I’m sure you can relate to this, which is why you’re reading this blog post.

Here are some ideas you may not of thought of when trying to come up with a blog post ideas.comeupwithcontent

1. The expert round up post
This idea is simple. You ask a bunch of experts in your field for their opinion on a topic. You gather all of the responses and compile it into a blog post. This is simple, easy, and makes for a great overall blog post.

2. Infographics
There’s no better way to sum up a bunch of information then by creating a fresh new info graphic. If you can come up with one of your own, there are tons of mind that you can share in your blog while also giving credit to the original source.

3. Create a quiz
Take your favorite topic and create a quiz on it. It’s as simple as that makes for a fun and interactive blog post.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Now get creative!